Ariens which is pretty much the standard around here making parts availability 
They're super simple. Neighbor had mice get into his last year and the shifting 
mechanism froze up, I had it working in 15-20 minutes. This year he "smoked it" 
and bought another one. I think the mouse nest smoked... Either way I need to 
remember to ask but he'll probably give me the carcass. If nothing else it'll 
make a spare engine for mine.

    On Wednesday, March 7, 2018, 6:36:11 PM EST, Curley McLain via Mercedes 
<> wrote:  

What brand of schnee Gebläse?    (blower)
> Curt Raymond via Mercedes <>
> March 7, 2018 at 5:20 PM
> Big snow... We're predicted 1-2 feet. Fred and Dwight will probably 
> get less.
> Some time ago my father-in-law mentioned that the drive on his 
> snowblower wasn't working right. I've got the same model and had 
> revived his when they first got it as a gift from Angie's maternal 
> grandmother. I figured the cable was loose or mice had built a nest in 
> it, both are fairly common problems. What I found surprised even me.
> Thats the drivewheel, its attached to the output and is driven by a 
> plate thats driven off the engine. The one on the left is the old one, 
> notice how the rubber tire its supposed to have is pretty much gone...
> I was pleased we could get a replacement locally today. The whole 
> replacement job took about an hour, a lot of that was just fiddling 
> around not knowing what I was doing. I think if I were to do it again 
> I could probably do it in 15 minutes, the part was $26...
> To have it replaced would have been $100 and taken a week or two. I'm 
> thinking maybe I'll proactively replace the one on my snowblower this 
> spring before I put it away for the summer...
> -Curt


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