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The Volvo 240 probably has the best overall build quality of any car I've ever seen, and are designed to be easy to maintain. The 1975-1980 models have more durable interiors, are easier to work on, and have less electrical problems. They aren't very luxurious or quiet, but the 240 Turbo (especially with an intercooler) has excellent performance. I recommend the wagons, as they are the same size as the 2 or 4 doors, but have much more useable space. 1981-1988 models have bad wiring harnesses, but are alright if the engine harness has been replaced. Also be wary of bad blower motors (difficult to replace). The bodies, engines, and transmissions last forever, but are not as comfortable or refined as a mercedes.


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Are the Volvo 240 series a good car? I think they are 4 cylinders. I seem
to recall these being one of the high mileage gassers

Friend of mine is looking around 1983-1989 vintage.

Are they easy to work on?  Any stories?

Regards Tom Scordato
Bellefonte PA
1979 240D

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