In my quest to replace my aging Dakota (211,000 miles and rust) I came across 
an '87 K5 Blazer with a mere 89,000 miles.
Checking its only about 1mpg worse on the highway than my 
Boy I like the old body style Blazers, big and confortable. Good in the woods, 
not bad on the road and really not all that bad on gas all things considered.
That and a bigger snowmobile trailer might be a good fit for my needs for 
relatively little money.


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I had a 350 with TBI in my 87 4x4 Blazer with 4spd 700R4, it was OK, 
kinda agricultural but solid and you can get parts at the 7-11.  When 
that started burning oil I had an old guy (in his 80s now, complaining 
but still doing engine work, built AJFoyt's first race engine back
build me up a 350 -- he put on Vortec heads (they flow better,
and an Edelbrock intake, ZZ4 cam and some other stuff, but we used the 
TBI on it.  It never did run right -- I think the cam/heads are not
matched to what the old TBI computer can do.  I found a laptop program 
and made up a cable to watch the computer, it looked like everything
fine but it runs rich.  Wouldn't pass emissions (at the legit places)
I sorta retired it.  I still have that truck, been trying to sell it
body is rusted and no one will pay for the engine/drivetrain which is 
quite solid, so I might strip it down, keep the good bits, and scrap
rest.  It would run well with a 4bbl or a newer FI set up, but the 4bbl
won't pass inspection and a new FI is pricey.  Before I had him do
I drove a truck he had just built/put a 350 in, that thing about scared
the scheiss out of me.  I punched it going about 60, tranny downshifted
and the rear tires screeched and let go, I backed off then and said 
"good enough for me."

I have my dad's 96 Chevy truck now, with the 305.  He got the smaller 
engine when he bought it thinking it would be easier on gas, but there 
is really no difference between it, my old Blazer, and the 2000 Burb 
with the 5.3.  The 305 is same as 350 with just different stroke I


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