carbucks wrote:
> So paying $10k for a twenty plus year old car that only gets about half 
> the fuel mileage of a five year old Jetta does not add up. Factor in 
> rising fuel costs as well as the higher costs to maintain the Benz and 
> the arithmetic is even less in favor of the Benz.

Do you do your own work or do you have a mechanic do most of it?  Old 
Mercedes are a very good value if you do all or a lot of the work 
yourself, but they get expensive real quick if you have a mechanic take 
care of everything.  There are a LOT of little things that can go wrong 
on these cars, and if you want everything to work perfectly you are 
absolutely correct that the older MB will cost more to maintain.  That 
being the case, there is still something to be said about the quality 
and drivability of an MB over a VW!

If you would like to find out more about the VWs check out TDI Club. 
There is a very large following of those TDIs, and there is quite a bit 
of good information there as well.


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