On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 3:02 AM, Corbin Simpson
<mostawesomed...@gmail.com> wrote:
> So, yet another thing that r300 sucks balls at: NPOT textures. We've
> been talking it over on IRC, and here's the options.
> 1) Don't do NPOT. Stop advertising PIPE_CAP_NPOT, refuse to accept
> non-NPOT dimensions on textures. This sucks because it means that we
> don't get GL 2.0, which means most apps (bless their non-compliant
> souls) will refuse to attempt GLSL, which means that there's really no
> point in continuing this driver.
> 2) Don't do NPOT in the pipe, but do it in the state tracker instead,
> as needed. Write up the appropriate fallbacks, and then let ARB_npot
> be advertised by the state tracker regardless of whether PIPE_CAP_NPOT
> is set. Lots of typing, though. Lots and lots of typing.
> 3) Same as above, but put all the fallbacks in the pipe instead of the
> state tracker. I am *really* not fond of this, since PIPE_CAP was not
> intended for lies, but it was mentioned in IRC, so I gotta mention it
> here.
> 3) The fglrx special: Don't require ARB_npot for advertising GL 2.0. I
> figured this wasn't on the table, but you never know...
> Also: Can we assume that texrects are part of core, or are there
> shaderful chipsets without them?

NV30 is in the same boat IIRC, so something shareable would be nice.

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