Same here.  I suspect it has something to do with the (former) licensing code, 
but the constant throwing of the error makes it impossible to open the script 
to edit it.

As to Richard's question:  I don't build standalones, I run all my stacks in 
the IDE (i.e., the original Hypercard model), as do many of my colleagues.  
Metacard makes that easy as the IDE stays out of the way.  Not so in the LC 
IDE.  Furthermore, I find the LC IDE to too busy (indeed, annoying) when I am 

On 2013-04-13, at 11:00 AM, <>

> Having tried this using Jacque's tried and tested
> stack I got an error message on trying to open
> the new version of MC:
> object:  stack /.../.../MC6_OPEN/
> Line: 31  Column: 20  Processing Token:
> Richmond.

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