I haven't heard your name in so long.  Good to hear from you again.  My son 
Jason and I are currently working on this very thing.  I believe you've found 
your bounty-hunters.  We'd love to explore CRUD via http.  What we have to 
offer right now is what we've discovered uploading/downloading files in various 
file formats.

It seems the only thing we're missing is delete.  That is, if we can read we 
can certainly edit what we've read and thenPut, thus accomplishing the Update 
part of CRUD.  Our next tasks include deleting files as well as creating and 
deleting directories, in addition to listing the contents of directories.

We're working with standard Linux/Apache using MySql.

Ray Horsley
LinkIt! Software

On Apr 17, 2013, at 5:02 PM, Alain Farmer wrote:

> Hello,
> Does LiveCode support HTTP-methods other than GET and POST ?
> IOW, does LiveCode support the following http-methods : HEAD, PUT, DELETE
> I'm asking because there are web-based CRUDs that could therefore be 
> leveraged. Ex: Couch-DB
> CRUD = Create, Read, Update, Delete
> Create = PUT
> Read  = GET
> Update = POST
> Delete = DELETE
> If it is not currently implemented, are there any bounty-hunters wishing to 
> take this on ?
> Btw Couch-DB is a powerful noSQL database, open-source of-course, that is 
> accessed via HTTP. 
> It's speciality is replication and synchronization. Supports any topology: 
> master-slave, peer-to-peer, etc.
> Couch stores everything as JSON, which is JavaScript's native data-exchange 
> format.
> JSON is used by many applications. It's easy to generate, and easy to parse.
> This could REALLY open-up things for RunRev!  :-))
> Alain F.
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