Does LiveCode support HTTP-methods other than GET and POST ?

IOW, does LiveCode support the following http-methods : HEAD, PUT, DELETE

I'm asking because there are web-based CRUDs that could therefore be leveraged. 
Ex: Couch-DB

CRUD = Create, Read, Update, Delete

Create = PUT

Read  = GET

Update = POST

Delete = DELETE

If it is not currently implemented, are there any bounty-hunters wishing to 
take this on ?

Btw Couch-DB is a powerful noSQL database, open-source of-course, that is 
accessed via HTTP. 

It's speciality is replication and synchronization. Supports any topology: 
master-slave, peer-to-peer, etc.
Couch stores everything as JSON, which is JavaScript's native data-exchange 
JSON is used by many applications. It's easy to generate, and easy to parse.

This could REALLY open-up things for RunRev!  :-))

Alain F.
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