So first you comment on Ian's GSoC and now on systemd... thai is confusing. I 
don't care about systemd we will never have  it. We just need some interfaces 
that are currently only implemented  in systemd.

 Eric Furman <> wrote:

>My real helpful comments are that it violates every real concept of UNIX
>Do ONE thing and do it WELL
>Systemd does none of these things.
>On Sun, Jun 29, 2014, at 04:51 AM, Antoine Jacoutot wrote:
>> >;a=blob;f=scripts/;h=f827434d0211ea8765c075fdb2916386ffc16ecb;hb=HEAD
>> > 
>> > btw. it's bashism in a posix shell suit?
>> If that is all you were able to spot then move along :-)
>> It's very pre-alpha WIP and many things will be modified. If you have
>> real helpful comments to make, feel free to contact Ian, landry@ and
>> myself.
>> -- 
>> Antoine

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