> On 12/12/14 15:25, Martin Brandenburg wrote:
> > Riley Baird <bm-2cvqnduybau5do2dfjtrn7zbaj246s4...@bitmessage.ch> wrote:
> > 
> >> On 07/12/14 23:42, Kaspars Bankovskis wrote:
> >>> Your changes to the system will be very small, and most of the time
> >>> you'll be just renaming 'openbsd' to something else, and syncing back
> >>> changes from upstream. If you have time for that, lucky you. But there
> >>> are more useful things to do, don't you think so?
> >>
> >> It shouldn't be that hard if I only merge security fixes, and do an
> >> upgrade with each major point release.
> > 
> > Haha. Not when you change the name. Do you know how much software
> > decides what to do based on what uname returns? Too much.
> I am pretty sure that OpenBSD cannot use its trademark rights to force
> derivative distributions to change the output of uname. I just won't
> change that.

Oh really.  Essentially those words show how little respect you have
for the developers and the community, and you really show that your
agenda is setup to work against us. 

Please leave these mailing lists.  You've said your piece, and it is
pointless because now it will just turn into a noisy fight.  So just
leave, show the last bit of respect and leave.

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