I think the same, if running a command after installing it will make your 
system free enough, what is the need of a fork? I think that if you publish a 
web page with that information the OpenBSD community would not take that as an 

I'm in the middle of leaving Debian after almost 15 years of using it, due to 
the systemd affair. And as you might guess it has not been easy, I have enough 
(personal) systems and experience invested to leave Debian only for a tantrum, 
but there is no easy way to install a new system and avoid systemd, and I guess 
this will become worse over time.

Had I an one-command option to avoid or drop systemd, I might not be here.

Best regards,

Luiz Roberto dos Santos <arrowscr...@mail.com> wrote:

>At 7 Dec 2014 12:42:41 +0000 (UTC) from Kaspars Bankovskis 
>>there are more useful things to do, don't you think so?
>Agree. Riley, I think you don't get the point here. The firmware blob are 
>*not* running on the system, but on device.
>Why do you don't create just a script to remove these's files if you want? Why 
>create a entire "new" system for this?

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