in my case, a USB stick would be actually useful for installing machines
-- unlike the CD sets (I haven't had a working optical drive in the last
5+ years). Any chance for 5.9?

I would buy an official release on USB or preferably sd card, if it was on 
offer.  Presumably the production costs would be less as well.

(And also..  not liking to complain, but the last two CD releases have had 
irritating bugs in them.  Disc 2 of 5.7 was fubar, and had to be replaced, and 
the source tree on 5.8 wasn't correct either.  At least on flash memory, 
problems could be cheaply and easily corrected at the last minute ;-) )

Our machines do generally have optical drives, but for some reason, blu-ray 
readers reading CDs seem to do so painfully slowly.

(Making them unconditionally read-only would be probably a good thing,

This, too, I see a value in.

Also, on a related note, would anybody be interested in having the source code 
for the freely distributable parts of the ports tree available on BD-R?  It 
just about fits on a single layer disc and is very convenient when you're a 
long way from a fast internet connection...

Tati Chevron
Perl and FORTRAN specialist.
SWABSIT development and migration department.

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