> Em 30-11-2015 20:10, Bryan Vyhmeister escreveu:
> > Let's not waste any more of Theo's time. USB sticks are not the magic
> > device that some seem to think. Some are not very reliable and prone to
> > failure. I've had very mixed results with budget USB sticks in
> > particular. Going with a more expensive USB stick like a major brand
> > name *usually* turns out better but that's still no guarantee. If you
> > don't want a CD set, simply donate the amount the CD set costs directly
> > to the project. That provides funding for OpenBSD while also not wasting
> > anyone's time.
> >
> > http://www.openbsd.org/donations.html
> Let's just be clear that the CD's revenue (or non-revenue as it seems)
> goes straight to Theo.


> Donations do the OpenBSD foundation doesn't, at least not directly.

That statement is full of potential for misunderstanding, and cannot
be left alone.

Let me correct that for you: Donations to the OpenBSD Foundation do
NOT COME TO ME AT ALL, neither directly nor indirectly.

As has been said many times before, the OpenBSD Foundation is
independent, and transparently publishes what they spend their money
on in their annual report.  You can go read their report, and notice
contributions to the OpenBSD Foundation do not provide me with any
income OF ANY SORT.

A lot of people decided they didn't trust the OpenBSD Project as it
was, or at least they would not fund it.  They didn't trust me alone
doing what I was doing since since oh when I was 24 or so.  They
insisted that a Foundation had to be created to handle funding.  So it
got created, and almost all donations head that way because it is most
effective for the good of the project.  That is fine and good, great
things happen as a result.  It has allowed the productivity of
hackathons to continue.

But that model does not help me.  Please don't give out the impression
that it does.  The dwindling effectiveness of the CD sales support
model is a bit of a worry.

I am a one-trick pony; most of you are happy with my trick, so please
don't start a fresh conversation asking me to develop more tricks.

Maybe I said too much; but I hope I have been crystal clear.

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