Em 30-11-2015 20:10, Bryan Vyhmeister escreveu:
> Let's not waste any more of Theo's time. USB sticks are not the magic
> device that some seem to think. Some are not very reliable and prone to
> failure. I've had very mixed results with budget USB sticks in
> particular. Going with a more expensive USB stick like a major brand
> name *usually* turns out better but that's still no guarantee. If you
> don't want a CD set, simply donate the amount the CD set costs directly
> to the project. That provides funding for OpenBSD while also not wasting
> anyone's time.
> http://www.openbsd.org/donations.html
Let's just be clear that the CD's revenue (or non-revenue as it seems)
goes straight to Theo. Donations do the OpenBSD foundation doesn't, at
least not directly. So, in order to help him directly, buy the CD's but
do not get them delivery. That way Theo saves the shipping, and you
contribute directly to him. Which, isn't different from contributing to

Giancarlo Razzolini

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