Software development.  :D

More importantly, what can users do to make it easier for developers to
write code? That is the important question to ask when a thought like this
comes up.  Is it more efficient of developer time for me to purchase my own
usb stick and deal with it myself, or request developers offer a usb
On Nov 30, 2015 12:17 PM, "Theo de Raadt" <> wrote:

> > I would buy an official release on USB or preferably sd card, if it
> > was on offer.  Presumably the production costs would be less as well.
>                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> How do you figure that?
> We put everything on the internet.  Thousands upon thousands upon
> thousands of downloads happen, and the more convenient it becomes the
> fewer sales occur.  That is the nature of the situation.  USB devices
> will be the same, except you cannot farm out "writing them" to just
> anyone.
> Production costs are not the problem.  The problem is that there
> is ZERO RETURN on the effort taken.
> I thank the crowd for once again suggesting we (me? people I know?)
> should spend time on doing something which a very small handful of
> people want.
> I was going to work on some source code today, but I'll get right on
> this task, pricing out USB sticks and trying to find a way to make
> this work.  /sarc
> > (And also..  not liking to complain, but the last two CD releases
> > have had irritating bugs in them.  Disc 2 of 5.7 was fubar, and had to
> > be replaced, and the source tree on 5.8 wasn't correct either.  At
> > least on flash memory, problems could be cheaply and easily corrected
> > at the last minute ;-) )
> So you have a solution already.  But still, I should invest my time
> at finding a good USB stick, oh it should have a write protect switch
> that actually works, oh we need to use epoxy to glue it, oh and people
> who will write each of them, and god help us if the usb sticks are bad
> and have `irritating bugs'.  Come on people.  What do you want us to do?
> Product manufacture, or software development?
> Make up your mind.

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