> I would buy an official release on USB or preferably sd card, if it
> was on offer.  Presumably the production costs would be less as well.


How do you figure that?

We put everything on the internet.  Thousands upon thousands upon
thousands of downloads happen, and the more convenient it becomes the
fewer sales occur.  That is the nature of the situation.  USB devices
will be the same, except you cannot farm out "writing them" to just

Production costs are not the problem.  The problem is that there
is ZERO RETURN on the effort taken.

I thank the crowd for once again suggesting we (me? people I know?)
should spend time on doing something which a very small handful of
people want.

I was going to work on some source code today, but I'll get right on
this task, pricing out USB sticks and trying to find a way to make
this work.  /sarc

> (And also..  not liking to complain, but the last two CD releases
> have had irritating bugs in them.  Disc 2 of 5.7 was fubar, and had to
> be replaced, and the source tree on 5.8 wasn't correct either.  At
> least on flash memory, problems could be cheaply and easily corrected
> at the last minute ;-) )

So you have a solution already.  But still, I should invest my time
at finding a good USB stick, oh it should have a write protect switch
that actually works, oh we need to use epoxy to glue it, oh and people
who will write each of them, and god help us if the usb sticks are bad
and have `irritating bugs'.  Come on people.  What do you want us to do?

Product manufacture, or software development?

Make up your mind.

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