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> But I work for a company whose networking relies heavily on
> OpenBSD. My boss, although not from FOSS world, understands the value
> of good software, so I managed to persuade him to approve purchase of
> CD set every release. He also understand software is free to use, and
> sees CD set as 'suggested semi-annual contribution'. Buying something
> physical such as CD keeps our purchase department happy. It would be
> much harder, or even impossible, to explain a donation, as would
> purchase of multiple CD sets.
> Now, if you take into account that the company I work for pays hundreds
> of euros per year to a Cisco partner just to be able to get bug fixes
> for single router, I don't think my boss would object to buying CD set
> even if it was double or triple the price.

How about a series of 'Corporate' CDs, with a sliding scale of prices,
incrementing on a traditional per user/account/cpu/etc basis?

Management & purchasing people are accustomed to this.

The only difference would be a selection of CDs to choose from at the
online shop, with different invoice product descriptions.

Each 'product' has a separate URL that techs can email to purchasing.

"Dear Purchasing,
As discussed with management (cc'd here), our company requires the
500-750 CPU-CORE product, which costs GB?5000 + VAT & freight.
The online purchasing link is ......
Company Sysadmin."

There would be no licence difference.

A freewill honesty scale of prices - for the same disks.

Maybe a coloured sticker on the box before hand over to Royal Mail.

In 1914, the first crossword puzzle was printed in a newspaper.
The creator received $4000 down ... and $3000 across.

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