> Theo: like others in this thread I find it quite shocking and disappointing
> how poorly you are doing financially from your hard work.

Join the club :)

> I apologise if this is too obvious a suggestion but if the foundation is
> making a sufficient income is it not possible for you to draw a salary as
> an employee?

That is not my choice.  I think the Foundation is being wise.  The
relationship is that I keep them apprised of wants & needs the project
faces, and they fund those initiatives.  So take a look at their
report and books once they finish this year, to see if the money was
spent well, and where that leaves them.

I have not asked for their assistance, becuase I think they are making
the right decisions.

I don't know if there is enough left over a year to help me out.

I will not ask them.

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