Am 22.09.2016 um 00:23 schrieb Theo de Raadt:
>> But on that alix box, nothing seems to arrive at the serial line. I
>> tried all of these (the <x> were in 0 t o5):
>> # cu -d -l ttyC<x> -s
>> 9600
>> Connected to /dev/ttyC<x> (speed 9600)
> Well, because that is one of the virtual console / screen
> device.  You want to use tty00.
Thank you. Now I get this error:

# cu -d -l tty00 -s 9600
cu: open("/dev/tty00"): Device not configured

I didn't find how to configure this/a device. Tried /etc/remote,
/etc/ttys, many man pages, Absolute OpenBSD, read about line disciplines
(but didn't find hot to configure them), etc. Also, from 5.8 on tip is
not there any more, guess it was merged with cu or so. Or are there
(more) framework change with doc lagging behind?
Anyway -- any hints?

If I understood ttys correctly, I can attach my serial logger software
(instead of getty) directly to tty00 (once I know how to configure it),
so that when the box boots, it automatically starts logging, and if the
process disappears, it restarts it. Right?


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