Backing up to the beginning...

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 2:39 PM, Peer Janssen <> wrote:
> I updated an alix.3c3 box from OpenBSD 4.6 release to 6.0 release
> recently via bsd.rd install kernel.
> This went very smoothly, except that now I can't get a serial stream via
> the DB9 serial connector.

Ah, you accessed it under OpenBSD 4.6.  That raises two questions:
1) What was the dmesg when this box ran 4.6?
2) What was the exact command line you used then

> But on that alix box, nothing seems to arrive at the serial line.

The 6.0 dmesg you included doesn't include any "com" drivers that I
recognize, so it doesn't surprise me that nothing seems to work...and
thus the query about what 4.6 reported and what worked there.

Philip Guenther

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