On 18/10/16 19:35, Mikael wrote:
Hi everyone,

I asked IBM to donate 4-10 Power8 servers to the OpenBSD Foundation, for
adding support for this arch. After 6 months this got all the way to their
Director of the Power(8) Ecosystem & Alliances, that is the highest
executive for the whole arch. Just right now, she's asking for a motivation
for IBM to donate - she asks:

"It would be helpful to know where you are seeing requests for OpenBSD on
Power and what applications on top of OpenBSD are being requested. We have
not seen any requests as of yet from our target clients. "

Can you please collect answers to this question and post them here in this
thread, or PM them to me. I'll forward your responses and they'll decide
whether to donate Power8 devices to OpenBSD, based on them.

** Please tell the next 6-7 days!


pf, relayd, bgpd ;)


ps. after the unlocking

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