Mikael wrote:
Please describe the practical and technical utility and value, the
organization/social context, scope, duration, anything that is relevant to
motivate them.

Mikael, thanks for urging IBM to support OpenBSD. I've been  urging them to do 
so for about 15 years, good luck!

OpenBSD provides the most secure, mature, reliable, and actively maintained open source toolchain relating to TCP/IP networking.

Routing, firewalling, DMZing, net address translation, OpenSSL, OpenSSH, IPSec, spam blocking, and especially the open source world's supreme packet filter all are part of the core OpenBSD mission and among the list of supported mission-critical applications.

If the organizational mission is sophisticated and secure use of the 
Internet/Intranet, OpenBSD should be stationed like
Horatio at the bridge as the nexus between the organization and the outside 

While Linux offers a better end-user experience and arguably a more mature web 
development environment, OpenBSD stands
ready and able to guard your all-too-vulnerable Linux cloud. For that matter, 
the security regimen of OpenBSD almost without
a doubt surpasses that of IBM i itself.

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