The pc engines stuff will still have blobs in it. There's no way to have fully open firmware on a modern i-series chip based rig. At the end of the day, we all are still using proprietary hardware.

On 04/08/18 05:42, Karel Gardas wrote:
On Sat, 7 Apr 2018 20:28:14 -0700
Jordan Geoghegan <> wrote:

On 04/07/18 19:01, jungle boogie wrote:
Thus said Jordan Geoghegan on Sat, 7 Apr 2018 17:57:16 -0700
The Edgerouter 6 is going to be coming out shortly, that is what I am
holding out for to run my home network on.

Just curious, why this and not amd64 bit with something like the
pcengine apu2 board? I know it only has three NICs, so it's likely a
non-started for the OP, but it's 64bit amd.

I don't know the MSRP of the ER6. Do you?

Because I don't like amd64 and avoid it when possible. I like the idea
of having a niche architecture for my internet facing machines.
niche archs are nice, but if you do not have code of firmware to see what's its 
doing inside, then it's kind of meaningless.
PC Engines can provide you with their coreboot modified sources if you like to 
see them...

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