> Stuart Henderson wrote:
> APU and APU2 are both rock solid for many people on OpenBSD. If seeing
> problems there I would first look for hardware issues e.g. is the power
> supply faulty, or are there any mPCIe cards that might be causing
> problems?

My PC Engines APU & APU2 were both unstable running 5.7 & 5.8.
Specific to you question the mPCIe was equipped with an Atheros AR9281 WLAN 
In addition my current move to a distinct/discrete access point was hastened by 
a buggy Zyxel USG20w that implemented Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS)
Please note the Zyzel & PC Engines both intermittently caused subnet 
“collisions” that necessitated power cycle of numerous networks hosts.
After several months of stability with the USG a patch to remediate KRACK 
caused DFS to to run idle and disconnect during channel scan.
In effort to remediate I configured a Hawking HW7ACB and found (subnet 
collisions) no longer an issue however occasional wireless disconnects occurred.
After installing WiFi Explorer I determined that all channels (1 - 161) were 
noisy and contained overlap in my urban apartment complex. 
In effort to remediate I’ve configured a Hawking HW7ACB with channel number 165.
At this point my network stability is considered good.

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