On 2020/02/25 07:19, Emilia wrote:
> Stuart,
> Apologies for breaking netiquette w/ sending images.
> Could you please point me to what "pccon" is?  I found references to pccon in 
> pcvt - but it is
> unclear to me how I can use pcvt either.
> Thank you!

pccon is the termcap(5) entry that best matches the console used by
OpenBSD on PCs, there are a few variants (see /etc/termcap) but just plain
"pccon" is usually fine.

You can set it in the shell environment (export TERM=pccon) then run emacs,
which is good for a quick test, if that generally provides better results
you can modify /etc/ttys (change the "vt220" entries to "pccon", then
reboot or send init(8) a signal to reload it - "man init", see the
"Line status (on, off, [...]" paragraph).

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