On 2020-02-27, Stuart Longland <stua...@longlandclan.id.au> wrote:
> On 26/2/20 9:46 pm, Marc Espie wrote:
>> (these days, new OS versions will all use the same termcap source, so you're
>> probably safe on anything released over the past 5 years)

People with a need to connect to older OS (from the text console rather
than X) probably have enough grey in their beards to cope anyway ;)
The problem is more that some OS default to installing a cut-down set of
terminfo files rather than the whole thing. (e.g. for rhel7 you need to
install the ncurses-term package - no idea about rhel8 - looks like debian
is ok). 

> Just thinking… a suitable work-around for such OSes would be to set the
> following in ~/.ssh/config:
> Host my.old.host
>      SetEnv TERM=vt220

Or just connect from inside tmux, which uses "screen" variants by default
that are widely supported. (And of course this does not affect X).

> Note I haven't tested this to see if it works, just read `man
> ssh_config`.  Obviously this doesn't help with other use cases like
> `telnet`.  For those, one could do `TERM=vt100 telnet foo.example.com 1234`.
> If newer OSes already understand TERM=pccon, perhaps in the medium term
> it might be worth reviewing this default setting.

I think keeping it at vt220 now causes more problems that would be fixed
by moving to pccon, than would be caused by changing to pccon.

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