On my X1 Carbon running openbsd 6.6, the console works fine with the
non-X version of emacs except that the meta key is not set.  One can
emulate the meta key by typing escape followed by x, but this is a
pain.  Maybe there is some mechanism for setting the alt key to meta
in emacs on consoles, but I use X11 so I haven't needed to pursue

Same story on the virtual console window on a vga monitor attached to
a desktop with 6.6.

Dave Raymond

PS - You might take a look at this comment for freebsd:


On 2/24/20, Emilia <emi...@sonic.net> wrote:
> It is impossible to use Emacs on OpenBSD Terminal (no X).
> Look at this screenshots:
> On Linux / macOs -- this same version of Emacs and org-mode would
> display this file with colors etc.
> OpenBSD can't even show the mode line.
> How do I fix this?
> Em

David J. Raymond

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