On Mon, Feb 24, 2020 at 09:35:21PM -0800, Emilia wrote:
> It is impossible to use Emacs on OpenBSD Terminal (no X). 
> Look at this screenshots: 
> On Linux / macOs -- this same version of Emacs and org-mode would
> display this file with colors etc. 

As stuart said, pccon is the best fit.

For a more elaborate answer: choosing a default TERM value for the console
is complicated.   The main issue being that a lot of the time, you will
ssh into another machine that probably doesn't run the same operating system,
and thus doesn't necessarily have the same termcap database.

So, the default choice in OpenBSD is to have a default value that's very
safe (vt220 have been around forever) so that you can login about anywhere.

... whereas pccon is way more recent and specific, and thus will probably
hose you when you try to login on some old machines.

(these days, new OS versions will all use the same termcap source, so you're
probably safe on anything released over the past 5 years)

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