On 25/2/20 5:09 pm, Maurice McCarthy wrote:
> On 25/02/2020, Emilia <emi...@sonic.net> wrote:
>> It is impossible to use Emacs on OpenBSD Terminal (no X).
> OpenBSD does not do non-X versions of ported software so even if you
> dont use X as such it still needs to be in the base install.
> (I've had my backside reamed over this more than once!)

I find OpenBSD without X installed works well enough.  If you're
sticking to largely base applications and GUI-less ports, you can get
away without X installed.

Not sure if it's possible for the selected package sets to install a
"virtual" package in the pkg_* tools' database that the packages can
depend on; so pkg_add squawks if you try to install a GUI application
without the relevant base package.

That said, there's only so much free time someone can devote to testing
such a set-up, so the current arrangement of "sure, omit X but
dependencies on it are your problem" is workable.
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