Poke vultr about it , if its not good, just switch provider ( openbsd 

On December 19, 2018 11:09:16 PM GMT+02:00, Chris Bennett 
<ch...@bennettconstruction.us> wrote:
>I was very happy with what I got for a baremetal server at Vultr.
>Unfortunately, even after getting a second IP that was not from the
>range as the first one, all of these IP ranges, not single IP's, are
>blacklisted in the worst category.
>If you want a web/etc server, great.
>If you want anything to do with email, forget them.
>Shame. I need another baremetal that doesn't have Java KVM.
>Any recommendations?
>Thanks. Looks like anything related to Cloud may be a problem???
>Chris Bennett
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