On Thu, Dec 20, 2018 at 01:55:32AM +0200, Flipchan wrote:
> Poke vultr about it , if its not good, just switch provider ( openbsd 
> amsterdam?))

They say it's my fault and that they have spent a tremendous amount of
time trying to get me off of the blacklist. (exaggeration included on

As you can see below, I guess it is all my fault.
I'm just going to put the DNS records back to where they were before.
What's the website for OpenBSD Amsterdam?

Looks like I may just have to move my server from the USA to the not
USA. Why is such a simple thing as a server so hard to get???

Fun Fun Fun entered below:
Information about

Below is the information we have on record about
Standards Compliance

Does IP Address resolve to a reverse hostname... Passed!

Does IP Address comply with reverse hostname naming convention... Passed!
List Status

RATS-Dyna - On the list. Worst Offender Alert.

RATS-NoPtr - Not on the list.

RATS-Spam - Not on the list.

RATS-Auth - Not on the list.
Alert: Your IP is part of a network listed as a Worst Offender

This is a Worst Offender Alert and this means that not only this IP address,
but the whole class 'C' is also on the indicated SpamRats List.
Usually this means the whole range has the same issue of naming conventions or
no reverse DNS AND that many IP's from this Class C have been used in Spam 
Dictionary attacks or other forms of attacks, as detected by Mail Servers in the
Data Collection Grid. You will NOT be able to use the removal form to remove 
IP Addresses. If you have recently been assigned the IP Addresses, or have 
what these IP Addresses are used for, you can use the contact form and ask for a
reclassification, but you will have to provide full disclosure, including whois 
the ip addresses, your affiliation with the company that owns them, and a 
of what the IP's were previously used for, and what they will be used for, in 
for a Spam Auditor to consider reclassification. Remember, the majority of the 
in this space WERE detected as being involved in some form of attack or abusive
behaviour, so you had better have a good reason to ask for removal, and you 
need to
own or control the IP addresses, as evidenced by ARIN whois.

2nd IP is blacklisted on 7 lists.

I'm sure they can quickly fix this too!


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