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On December 20, 2018 3:33:42 AM GMT+02:00, Chris Bennett 
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>On Thu, Dec 20, 2018 at 01:55:32AM +0200, Flipchan wrote:
>> Poke vultr about it , if its not good, just switch provider ( openbsd
>They say it's my fault and that they have spent a tremendous amount of
>time trying to get me off of the blacklist. (exaggeration included on
>As you can see below, I guess it is all my fault.
>I'm just going to put the DNS records back to where they were before.
>What's the website for OpenBSD Amsterdam?
>Looks like I may just have to move my server from the USA to the not
>USA. Why is such a simple thing as a server so hard to get???
>Fun Fun Fun entered below:
>Information about
>Below is the information we have on record about
>Standards Compliance
>Does IP Address resolve to a reverse hostname... Passed!
>Does IP Address comply with reverse hostname naming convention...
>List Status
>RATS-Dyna - On the list. Worst Offender Alert.
>RATS-NoPtr - Not on the list.
>RATS-Spam - Not on the list.
>RATS-Auth - Not on the list.
>Alert: Your IP is part of a network listed as a Worst Offender
>This is a Worst Offender Alert and this means that not only this IP
>but the whole class 'C' is also on the indicated SpamRats List.
>Usually this means the whole range has the same issue of naming
>conventions or
>no reverse DNS AND that many IP's from this Class C have been used in
>Spam Attacks,
>Dictionary attacks or other forms of attacks, as detected by Mail
>Servers in the
>Data Collection Grid. You will NOT be able to use the removal form to
>remove your
>IP Addresses. If you have recently been assigned the IP Addresses, or
>have changed
>what these IP Addresses are used for, you can use the contact form and
>ask for a
>reclassification, but you will have to provide full disclosure,
>including whois for
>the ip addresses, your affiliation with the company that owns them, and
>a description
>of what the IP's were previously used for, and what they will be used
>for, in order
>for a Spam Auditor to consider reclassification. Remember, the majority
>of the IP's
>in this space WERE detected as being involved in some form of attack or
>behaviour, so you had better have a good reason to ask for removal, and
>you need to
>own or control the IP addresses, as evidenced by ARIN whois.
>2nd IP is blacklisted on 7 lists.
>I'm sure they can quickly fix this too!
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