> (That is what you find when you search for smtphm. The .co.jp-part 
> doesn't really anonymise it. You should have used the original from the 
> get go.)

Oh ok, thanks, never used a mailing list before, wasn't really sure what the
protocol was 

> Do you have
> root: wt...@bell.net
> in /etc/mail/aliases?

Nope, I added it and no change.

> > Note: the domain is "local.home" and not "local.home.org" which is what it
> > is
> > when I try to send to external addresses.
> Not sure if I understand you there.

When I get internal mail it's to and from r...@local.home
When I "echo "hello world" | sendmail  destinat...@example1.com"
It's from u...@local.home.org
> My last guess:
> action "relay" relay \
>          host smtp+tls://my_re...@smtphm.sympatico.ca:587 \
>          mail-from wt...@bell.net \
>          auth <secrets>

Still 535 I'm afraid. 

Appreciate all your help. Even though we haven't solved this, I feel like I've
learned something, thanks

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