I'd like to help you, but I'm late to the thread and some parts were deleted by me by accident.

I think we may need to clear up some things first:

1.  When you attempt to relay through Bell's smtp relay are you sending mail as y...@bell.ca or

any of the domains that falls under bell's domains?  Perhaps they implemented a block that

prevents you@home.local, or better even y...@anythingotherthanbell.ca.  What I'm trying to guess at is that bell refuses to relay for anything other than its domains.

2.  Use port 587, check connection with 'openssl  s_client -connect host:587 -starttls smtp'

3. Use section D.1 of RFC 5321 to help you write a test mail, use RFC 4954 to help you construct a

needed authentication, section 4.1 has an example.  Steps are a) connect b) ehlo c) auth d) mail from

e) rcpt to f) data g) quit

4. once you have achieved sending a test mail through the bell relay reflect what you did into your config.   Try sending as root@home.local and see it fail or not fail, try sending as y...@bell.ca and see it fail or not fail.  Know the capabilities (protocol and behaviour) of the bell relay.

I hope that helps in any way.  Also just 535 doesn't tell me anything when I checked it up in RFC 5321 other than that it's a permanent failure.  Was there an error string appended to this code?



On 4/6/19 6:45 PM, Juan Trippe wrote:
Can you authenticate with openssl?
No, I got the user and password prompts but auth failed.

Ok, lets rethink this. Assuming it stopped working the moment the system
got rebooted. Than there once was a working configuration, that can be
recreated. But if it stopped working around the time of the reboot there
is the possibility the provider changed something, making it
incompatible with OpenSMTPD. (Than it would be nice to have real hostnames.)
It's possible something with the provider changed but I don't think so. I called
them and they told me to use my browser.

This is my host and the source of the connection info I use:

You could try:

action "relay" relay host smtps://my_re...@smtphm.example0.co.jp:465
auth <secrets>
No route available

action "relay" relay host smtp+tls://smtphm.example0.co.jp
No auth table:

When auth <secrets> is appended I get the same 535 auth failed.

(I assume you use smtpd only to send system message to your personal
inbox on smtphm.example0.co.jp. So maybe sending to someone on the
system doesn't require authentication.)
Yes, that's what I'm using it for basically.
I get local "daily output" emails from "r...@local.home" sent to
Note: the domain is "local.home" and not "local.home.org" which is what it is
when I try to send to external addresses.

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