> Can you authenticate with openssl?

No, I got the user and password prompts but auth failed.

> Ok, lets rethink this. Assuming it stopped working the moment the system 
> got rebooted. Than there once was a working configuration, that can be 
> recreated. But if it stopped working around the time of the reboot there 
> is the possibility the provider changed something, making it 
> incompatible with OpenSMTPD. (Than it would be nice to have real hostnames.)

It's possible something with the provider changed but I don't think so. I called
them and they told me to use my browser.

This is my host and the source of the connection info I use:

> You could try:
> action "relay" relay host smtps://my_re...@smtphm.example0.co.jp:465 
> auth <secrets>

No route available

> or:
> action "relay" relay host smtp+tls://smtphm.example0.co.jp

No auth table:

When auth <secrets> is appended I get the same 535 auth failed.

> (I assume you use smtpd only to send system message to your personal 
> inbox on smtphm.example0.co.jp. So maybe sending to someone on the 
> system doesn't require authentication.)

Yes, that's what I'm using it for basically. 
I get local "daily output" emails from "r...@local.home" sent to
Note: the domain is "local.home" and not "local.home.org" which is what it is
when I try to send to external addresses.

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