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On Friday, May 24, 2019 10:42 AM, Nick Ryan <n...@nr.ie> wrote:

> This doesn't really match your set up, but I have OpenBSD 6.5, dovecot
> and opensmtpd running with the same action line and it's fine.
> No errors or issues - I'm not using dovecot proxies however. Just a
> local delivery to mdbox files.

Good to know, so that really narrows down the problem to using Dovecot in 
combination with LMTP. Sorry for the noise on this mailing list. Although this 
post could be useful to someone else who might also be upgrading to his OpenBSD 
box to 6.5.

> Hope that the XCLIENT fix works out for you.

I don't fancy compiling and install Dovecot 2.3.6 from source on that OpenBSD 
6.5 server so for now I guess I will stick with OpenBSD 6.4 and upgrade to 6.6 
in 5 months ;-)

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