Is there anyone using table-passwd for _any_ other purposes than sharing
with Dovecot ?

Unless I'm misunderstanding the question, I use it all the time.

If an appliance or server needs to be able to send or relay e-mail it gets an entry in the table-passwd, with an individual username and password combo. No need for Dovecot access under that user, no need for a system user.

I have built a fully virtual setup which shares credentials with Dovecot
and since I managed to do it _without_ table-passwd I'm wondering if the
table backend is really useful

My MXs are using individual credentials in order to relay incoming mails to the mailbox system. These credentials can't be abused to access a mailbox though. Same is true the other way around. (Mailbox server to "smarthost".) Without the table one would need to create system users?

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