Hello everyone,

I am seriously thinking about replacing Postfix with OpenSMTPD on my
Linux box (I am very attracted by configuration simplicity and
security-mindedness of the project)

So I found this issue on github where Gilles is redirecting a user's
question to mailing list.


Unfortunately I did not find any follow-ups on the subject. Is
opensmtpd + opendkim possible? I know that there is new filter API
released recently, is it something that can be used to achieve this

Or maybe it is possible to write some sort of C plugin? (akin to table
lookup API)

I am not looking for any other DKIM solutions (dkimproxy is abandoned,
and as for p5-Mail-DKIM I don't want to introduce Perl into my setup)

I am very new to OpenSMTPD so I apologize for possibly  stupid


Ihor Antonov

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