Hello Ihor,

On 10/10/19 5:39 PM, Ihor Antonov wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I am seriously thinking about replacing Postfix with OpenSMTPD on my
> Linux box (I am very attracted by configuration simplicity and
> security-mindedness of the project)
> So I found this issue on github where Gilles is redirecting a user's
> question to mailing list.
> https://github.com/OpenSMTPD/OpenSMTPD/issues/733
> Unfortunately I did not find any follow-ups on the subject. Is
> opensmtpd + opendkim possible? I know that there is new filter API
> released recently, is it something that can be used to achieve this> 
> Or maybe it is possible to write some sort of C plugin? (akin to table
> lookup API)
> I am not looking for any other DKIM solutions (dkimproxy is abandoned,
> and as for p5-Mail-DKIM I don't want to introduce Perl into my setup)
> I am very new to OpenSMTPD so I apologize for possibly  stupid
> questions.

I'm not sure if you want to sign or verify signatures.
At the moment we have an API which allows us to write custom plugins and
I have written a dkim signer myself[0][1], but it's written specifically
for OpenBSD and I haven't tested it on Linux (probably needs a few
tweaks for that).

If you want something that does spamfiltering (including dkim verify)
see Gilles' rspamd plugin[2] or Joerg's spamassassin plugin[3].

If you're lazy just wait a few weeks for OpenBSD 6.6 to be released,
which will contain these filters in the package managers. If you
want to stay on Linux see how far you get with compiling these codebases
yourself and contact me once you need help (at least the dkimsign one).
> Thanks
> ---
> Ihor Antonov

[0] http://imperialat.at/dev/libopensmtpd/
[1] http://imperialat.at/dev/filter-dkimsign/
[2] https://github.com/poolpOrg/filter-rspamd/
[3] https://www.umaxx.net

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