On 05/28/2017 03:31 PM, S.Brandt wrote:
We have retired skins in the past, if they were unmaintained, outdated
and had a successor (e.g. Outline, Phoney, LatenightBlues…).
In acknowledgment of the good work of the current contributors, we
basically keep tradition.

I`m not happy with changing the default skin once again for the 2.1
release, but if we carefully carry the existing users over, it works
just like with previous migrations.

If we have an updated version of the old default skin, then upgrading old users will be seamless. Changing the default would only affect new users.

Requirement imo is that we make the parallel waveform display for the
new default skin easily discoverable or default.

I have made split waveforms the default in Deere 2.1 because it works better with the filter knob and EQ knob labels showing. I think it'd be sufficient if we made it clear in the release announcement and website that both modes are available. The skin settings menu is also more discoverable now that it is labeled. I don't think parallel waveforms by default should be a strict requirement.

* Slow loading of Tango/exDeere
    Most SVGs are blown up because of Inkscapes metadata spamming. With
default settings, Inkscape tents to inject all kind of stuff.
    I  found saving with the  ``Optimized svg`` settings helpful.
    A pre-release batch run with https://github.com/svg/svgo  should
bring down sizes by a significant amount.
    Also clean-up css, and have a look at the log for warnings at skin
    Then test again against Shade ( which would likely load slower as
well, if feature complete, truly resizable, and had proper qss
utilization). But OK, lets take it as benchmark.

Thanks for bringing that up. I had not thought about that. Shouldn't we keep the Inkscape metadata in the Git repository for easier editing? We could add an option to scons to optimize the SVGs and use that option on the build server.

* Yellow LateNight
    Well, it became yellow because someone liked the color ;-) , and
took the time to update the skin for the 2.0 features.
     Any reason to add yellow to any of the current 2.1 feature skins?
Not a requirement for me.

Agreed, there is no reason to add a yellow look to other skins. On the other hand, it seems people would prefer the old 1.x Deere look with the dark look & feel but without the yellow.

  None of that stops us to decide the fate of the legacy skins now.

Wth Latenight and Shade gone, it is a good time to put the Deere moniker
to rest, sweep the floor and find a proper new name.
The current version <https://github.com/mixxxdj/mixxx/pull/940> has
evolved much from the more than 7 years old original concept.

I'll think about a new name, but I do find the "Deere skin" pun amusing. :P Hmmm... maybe "Gnu skin"...

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