Hello there!

I'm using mod_fcgid on several servers since Debian Sarge.
On Debian Sarge all is running fine.
But ALL three Etch-servers (1 updated from sarge, 2 freshly installed)
have a delay-problem:

When I do a "apache2 reload", all spawned PHP-fcgi-tasks will die, which
is normal behaviour.
But when I then call a PHP-script from a webpage for the first time, it
will take 1-2 seconds to initialize! When I call the PHP-script again,
it will then load instantly.

So why there is such a delay at the first call? All my servers with
Sarge don't show this init-delay, only all servers with Etch.

I first thought that the delay was caused by PHP (loading of all
modules?), but this doesn't seem to apply:
I tried to track down the problem and it seems that it will happen
BEFORE suexec/PHP is loaded.
To verify this, I patched suexec to exit immediatly at start.
When I then load a PHP-script with the patched suexec, the delay is
still there, and after that I receive the 500-Server error.
Furthermore, when I call php5-cgi from the command-line, there is
absolutely no delay.

So I think the problem is in Apache or mod_fcgid.
Any suggestions?

I read the mail from Andre Hübner (28-Jan-2008, "prespawn of cgi-apps")
and it seems that he has a similar problem because he wants to prespawn
the tasks to prevent the big init-delay.

Thanks in advance.

Tobias Wiersch

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