On 03/10/2008 3:19:16 PM +0100, Tobias Wiersch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Gabriel Barazer schrieb:
>> 1) Is the delay *exactly* 2 seconds when calling a PHP script (before 
>> getting the http error 500 from your suexec test) ? Or is there another 
>> additionnal delay to look for ?
> I think it is a 1 second delay.
> I made a "time wget http://localhost/testxxx.php"; to circumvent network 
> latency (after a apache reload).
> Result1: real    0m1.054s
> Result2: real    0m1.056s
> (unpatched suexec, php was normally loaded, script contained only an "echo")
> Subsequent requests:
> Result1: real    0m0.008s
> Result2: real    0m0.009s
> And the results from a server running under Debian Sarge instead of Etch 
> (the Etch server is actually much faster and the Sarge server slower - 
> but the results for the first call are nonetheless 10 times better under 
> Sarge!?)
> first call: real    0m0.119s
> second call: real    0m0.023s

I'm confused. Is it the same server, same kernel & other 
hardware/software specs ? If you try 2 different debian distrubtion, 
there may be some changes in PHP/libraries.

What you need to do to isolate the problem is leave PHP alone because 
you have the start delay even without it. calling exit() within suexec 
or returning just before the execv is a good test case.

Can you test on your 2 servers with the patched suexec? Test multiple 
times with apache stop or reboot commands between to be sure the delay 
is the same. If it's the same delay, it's likely to be a hardcoded time 
value; if the delay changes, it can be a library load time or a cache 
prefetch time.

Are you installing mod_fcgid with the automated system (apt-get) or 
compiling from source? I know many debian users love to use the apt-get 
system, but this is really not what you want to do to test a specific 
problem in a specific module version. You have to only modify 1 thing 
between your tests or you won't be able to isolate the problem.
It's like you have a cold AND headaches, and you take 2 different pills: 
you won't know which one made your headaches disappear.

>> Oh, and add something like -s 4096 to the strace command to see more on 
>> the socket read.
> Strace with -s 4096:

nothing relevant here


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