Hi Gabriel,

Gabriel Barazer schrieb:
> I'm confused. Is it the same server, same kernel & other 
> hardware/software specs ? If you try 2 different debian distrubtion, 
> there may be some changes in PHP/libraries.
Yes, the results were from 2 servers.
The Etch-server has the problem. I wrote the results from the sarge 
server only to show the difference.
> What you need to do to isolate the problem is leave PHP alone because 
> you have the start delay even without it. calling exit() within suexec 
> or returning just before the execv is a good test case.
> Can you test on your 2 servers with the patched suexec? Test multiple 
> times with apache stop or reboot commands between to be sure the delay 
> is the same. 
Ok, on Etch:
real    0m1.010s
(always the same because the fastcgi-link to php can't be established 
because of the exit() at the beginning of suexec)

On Sarge:
real    0m0.005s
(same patched suexec)
> Are you installing mod_fcgid with the automated system (apt-get) or 
> compiling from source? 
I use the standard-debian package because I don't want to re-compile the 
packages after every security fix.
Do you think the problem is fixed in the later releases?


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