Young, Geoffrey S wrote:
>       Thus, it might be worth mentioning that RPMs are a _bad_ idea for
> those just getting into mod_perl.  That is, unless others have been more
> successful that I...

I've got mod_perl running just fine with my own Apache package and RedHat's
mod_perl RPM. I understand that this keeps me from being able to use some stuff
like request chaining, but I've not had a need for it. I've also stayed away
from any mod_perl development environments (Embperl, Mason, whatver) and just
wrote the handlers all myself.

I'm going to package all of my work up today into RPMS and publish them out to
the production servers, so I'm wondering if I should make my own mod_perl and
Apache RPM or stick with what I have working. I keep hearing that RPM's and
mod_perl are evil, but personally everything installed and worked without a

Oh, I remember that I had some trouble compiling libapreq, but copying a few
mod_perl header files into the system solved that without too much pain.

A while ago in his "sourcegarden plug" thread Stas wrote:
> Jim, one of the "services" we _want_ to provide at mod_perl Source Garden
> ( is prebuilded mod_perl RPMs in its various
> configurations and for mainly used platforms. Taken that we are only a few
> folks who actually contributing to this project, this item is not on the
> top of our priorities.
> I wonder if you or someone else may want to step in, and to start creating
> correctly prebuilded SRPMs and RPMs, and if later feel that it's not
> challenging (which I've found quite challenging, YMMV), someone else will
> pick the falling flag. But it's definitely a good way to learn creating
> RPMs which are very usefull, contributing back to our community, (and
> fighting our mutual enemy :)

I'm basically saying that I could do this and put together some mod_perl+Apache
and libapreq RPM's today.. but I'm just wondering if it's really needed.

 - David Harris
   Principal Engineer, DRH Internet Services

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