> >     Thus, it might be worth mentioning that RPMs are a _bad_ idea for
> > those just getting into mod_perl.  That is, unless others have been more
> > successful that I...

RPMs aren't bad. You should understand something. RPMs and other packaging
systems were developed to enable distributing many or single pieces of
software, which will plug in and work the moment they are installed. RPMs
also make it very easy to incorporate your own patches into a basic tar.gz
of any sw. When you don't really understand how RPM works, and how to
write SRPM (source RPMs), it's a black box for you. And when it doesn't
work you blame the one who made this box for you.

When you install gcc*.rpm, do you complain about it? mostly not. Why?
because it's something that use without special needs. It's easy to make a
mod_perl RPM to handle some basic stuff. But if you are a real user of
mod_perl you want to discover many of its not so strightforward features,
then RPM doesn't fit you and you have to roll you own build

RedHat makes RPMs the way it find correct. If it doesn't fit your needs
make your own RPM and contribute it to both RH and us, so others will be
able to use it. It's so simple. 

Even better give us a SRPM, the user will have to build it himself, but
once he build ot from sources, it's promised that everything would work.
All it takes is:

rpm --rebuild somepackage.src.rpm

And of course, you have all the development tools, this is something
obvious (Am I wrong?), I'm not sure how can you run your own machine
without having make and other tools. May be I'm too biased. Should we
write a guide of how to compile a c program and where to get the tools
from? I don't know may be we should...

> A while ago in his "sourcegarden plug" thread Stas wrote:
> > Jim, one of the "services" we _want_ to provide at mod_perl Source Garden
> > (modperl.sourcegarden.org) is prebuilded mod_perl RPMs in its various
> > configurations and for mainly used platforms. Taken that we are only a few
> > folks who actually contributing to this project, this item is not on the
> > top of our priorities.
> >
> > I wonder if you or someone else may want to step in, and to start creating
> > correctly prebuilded SRPMs and RPMs, and if later feel that it's not
> > challenging (which I've found quite challenging, YMMV), someone else will
> > pick the falling flag. But it's definitely a good way to learn creating
> > RPMs which are very usefull, contributing back to our community, (and
> > fighting our mutual enemy :)
> I'm basically saying that I could do this and put together some mod_perl+Apache
> and libapreq RPM's today.. but I'm just wondering if it's really needed.

I think it would help. If you succeed to build a good SRPM for a general
purpose usage, we ether can ask RH to put it in, or can put it on
sourcegarden or perl.apache.org - it's not an issue. Thanks!

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