> >> Is it possible to let the audio-thread totally independent ?
> >
> > Do you wait on the main thread in worker thread in some way or another?
> Huh, maybe... (but could you give some code of what you propose so I can
> check it ?)
> >> Remove the code snippets which contact the main thread while playing with
>>> synchronize() or application.lock()/unlock() for a test.

Huh, I did try this before to post. The problem does not come from any synchro 
from audio-thread to graphic-mse main  thread.

The problem comes when a form is created-freed (for example after execute a 
Like you said in previous topic, it is the operating system that think that the 
audio stream is less important than the main thread.

So, what I did, is a custom file-dialog that is created at initialisation of 
program and activated-hided (not free) when needed.
Free is done with application.terminate.
That way, the audio-thread stay in peace.
What do you think of that way ?

And for making docking-floating forms, there will be a filter: ---> if some 
audio is playing or recording ---> disable the possibility to dock-float forms.
(huh, does it exist a property like mseform.dockable/floatable := false ?)

> use application.postevent() or tmsecomponent.asyncevent() or 
> tmsecomponent.postcomponentevent()
> instead of application.lock()/unlock(), this is probably more appropriate for 
> your application anyway.

Yep, thanks for the tip, I will use it also.

Many thanks Martin.

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