> BTW, do you know MSEsignal? I made a small example:



Once again, you are Magic Martin.

You choose PulseAudio as audio-port multi-os library.


(IMHO, PortAudio is more low level, it can work alone even if PulseAudio or a 
other audio port wrapper is not installed.  But, I agree Pulse is good too but 
needs lot of dependencies to install. Stop no propaganda here.)

Anyway, your MSEsignal is **very** impressive (and would be very welcome in the 
uos Synthesizer section (that can generate, for the moment, only simple sine 
waves) :-)).

And the noisegen demo --> **super** WOW. (maybe you should update the 
noisegen.prj, it is unusable with the macros defined now for fpc > 2.6, after 
deleting all the macros, it compiles ok).

Many thanks and wow Martin.

PS: You are unmasked --> you are a Audio-Guru too ;-)


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