> See attachments, for every uos_player thread there is a second i pulseaudio 
> library.

Booom, i am on my ass. ;-(

uos do not have access to pulsaudio library.

All the connections to the audio ports are done by PortAudio library.

And PortAudio library does connection to pulseaudio in Linux, if pulseaudio is 

So I am **very** disappointed with your discover (many, many thanks to show 

OK, time to annoy people in PortAudio forum (but difficult, they never answer).

> BTW, do you know MSEsignal? I made a small example:
> https://gitlab.com/mseide-msegui/mseuniverse/tree/master/samples/signal/keyboard

Ha, good meat for this week-end, I do not know MSEsignal, will jump into it.

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