On 2017-08-16 14:52, fredvs wrote:
But ( aaargh, I am unbearable), is it really needed to link libX11.so ?

As I mentioned in a private message, the unversioned symlink shared library files are only needed during linking time (ie: when you compile your program). Those symlink files are NOT needed when you try and run your program (say on another system that do doesn't have development tools or libraries installed).

Could fpc do like it does for libc, consider libX11 as a "coomon" library
and only load it (without to link it) ?

Yes, but it really isn't needed. When linking occurs, the SONAME fields in a ELF binary get populated with the versioned shared library name. So the dependency is resolved to the exact version of the shared library that the binary needs for running.

If you did want to change all the x11, xutils, x etc header units to load at runtime, you can, but that would require much work - for little benefit I think. Plus, then the 'ldd' command will not display what the binary really needs to actually run.


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