> Then the application can not start if the library is not found and 
> it can not be compiled if there is no libX11.so -> ibX11.so.6 link. 

Of course the "double advantage" works only if buggy "external" was fixed !

> Maybe in compiler/link.pas:509 (TLinker.AddSharedCLibrary()).

OK, I will check.
Many thanks.

Each day it becomes clearer.

So, it I understand ok:

- There are 2 ways to load a library with Unix:

1)- With ld-linux.so.2
2)- With libdl.so.2

It seems (not sure, I want confirmation) that ld-linux.so.2 is better than
libdl.so.2 for speed, ressource used,...

Could it be possible to imagine a different dynlibs.pas ?
Actual dynlibs.pas is using libdl.so.2.
Could it be possible to use ld-linux.so.2 instead (with correspondent
methods, of course) ?

All this if the "external" bug was not fixed.

Otherwise, if the "external" bug is fixed, a custom name/path of the library 
may be used (and so have the advantage of a "dynlibs" way).  


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